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What Is Study Visa?

Student visa is type of a visa which allows you to study in foreign countries. Basically study visa durations depends upon a programme for which you are applying for. And you must have already been accepted by the university or educational institution to qualify for the visa.

Documents Required for Study VISA

Every countries have their own immigration laws and have a specific list of documents. However mostly documents are same which you required certainly.

  • Valid Passport ( minimum validity should be 6 months )
  • Passport size photos with white background
  • Acceptance letter of University
  • Proof of funds with all financial documents
  • Academic Qualifications

For exact checklist of documents kindly visit on that country official website where you are going for study. 

How Long Process Take To Get A Student Visa?

It depends on countries some countries do fast process and some takes like a month. and also it depends on how complete your application is and how many students apply for it.

Best Countries For Study

harvard university


" USA Student Visa "

The USA government offers three types of student visas  including F, J, M

  •  F Study Visa : F1 visa are the non-immigrant student visa that allows to pursue education in america for the foreigners. F1  students must apply at the universities and recieve a form I20 in order to apply F1 visa & F-2 Visa ar given to dependents of F-1 student.
  • J Study Visa : J1 visa is non-immigrant visa issued by the usa to research scholars, proffesors, and exchange visitor programmes that promote cultural exchange. to obtain medical and business training within the united states all applicants must passed eligibility criteria, English language requirements, or be sponsored by the university, private sector, or government programme.
  • M Study Visa : M1 visa is a type of student visa in the usa which is reserved for foreign students attending vocational schools and technical schools.

" Canada Study Visa "

To get admission in top universities in canada you required excellent academic scores. You required university acceptance letter first for applying for canada study visa after getting that you can proceed further steps for a visa.



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